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As a traditional operation, we have been fully committed to the production of high-quality vegetable oils for five generations. In our oil mill we process only carefully selcted sunflower and rapeseedoil.

Our overall range comprises 30 different oils that are bottled in package sizes of 100 ml to 750 ml only in glas bottles and also in 2,5 l pet bottles. Food safety and quality are very important for us. Therefore we place value on a seamless transparency of production from the seed to the bottle. Certifications like Internatiol Food Standart (IFS) an EU Eco Regulation (Organic) are therefore matters of course for us. To warrant the usual Brändle quality in future as well, we continually invest in new technologies and plants. This way we can continue to support the trnd towards healthy nutrition and remain one of the most important manufactures an supplier for high-qulity foods oils in Germany.

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We are supplier for high quality vegetable oils like walnutoil, linseedoil, avocadooil, rapeseedoil, grapeseedoil, pumpkinseedoil in glas bottles with content from 100 ml to 750 ml also in PET bottles with 2,5 l.

walnutoil roasted

walnutoil roasted - made of selected fresth and roasted walnuts with a typical nutty flavour. An oil with a supplementary pleasant taste.

To use for salats, roasting and baking.

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avocado oil

Avocado oil is a deep green oil and has a nutty, mild-creamy and slightly fruity taste. In South Africa, the oil is obtained by cold pressing from the flesh of the avocado. For purely mechanical processing hand-picked, sorted and mature avocados arrive. Avocado oil has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Suitable for: Ideal for roasting fish, meat & poultry as well as for salads, vegetables, dips & dressings.

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Linseedoil cold pressed

Linseedoil cold pressed made of carefully selected linseed. A valuable and healthy oil with the highest natural content of omega-3 fats.

Use for quark mixes, with fresh peeled potatoes and cereals.

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News & Innovations

Hempoil cold pressed organic

Organic hemp oil cold pressed is obtained from biologically produced hemp seeds by gentle cold pressing. Due to its seed-nutty flavor, this oil is ideally suited for gourmet cuisine. Hemp oil is extremely valuable due to its fatty acid composition.

Suitable for: salads and cold dishes. In no case should the hemp oil be heated.

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