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Brander Urstoff is a traditional German beer brand, initially brewed in Germany in 1688. In 2016 our team launched Brander Urstoff as fresh Craft Beer in China. Our Craft Beers have been renowned for their highest quality and strict adherence to the German Purity Law. Rather than importing bottled beer and subjecting it to a hot and shaky journey round the world, Brander Urstoff Craft Beers are brewed locally in China. This guarantees pure freshness, outstanding quality and our famous rich taste.


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Brander Urstoff Craft Beers are brewed in accordance to the German Purity Law and under strict guidance of our German brew master. Our Craft Beers fulfil highest international quality standards and have been awarded by the German Agricultural Association (DLG) with the “Gold Medal 2018” for their high quality and outstanding taste.
Brander Urstoff Craft Wheat

Our unfiltered Craft Wheat has a nice banana aroma accompanied by a smooth hint of cloves. This fruity and slight spicy flavour leads to a high drinkability and pure enjoyment!

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Brander Urstoff Bavarian Pale Ale

Our refreshing Bavarian Pale Ale is our Bavarian interpretation of an Indian Pale Ale with nice orange-amber color, a smooth malty flavour and a pleasant fruity after-bitterness.

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Brander Urstoff Craft Lager

Brander Urstoff’s Craft Lager is a refreshing crisp Munich Style Lager with malty body, pleasant mild bitterness and high drinkability.

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Brander Urstoff
Am Kirchenhölzl 14
82166 Gräfelfing

Phone: +49 89 954154320
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Cathy Bu
Office Manager
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Shanghai Brander Urstoff Trading Co. Ltd.
WeWork 3F, Room 110, 66 Tianjin Rd.
P. R. China

Phone: +86 21 64031581
Internet: www.branderurstoff.cn
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News & Innovations

Crafting a novel beer culture in mainland

The 31­ year ­old German citizen Felix

Wendlandt made a bold move in 2016 to start a company in Shanghai and launched Brander Urstoff, a German craft beer made in China with his business partner. “The idea behind this move is that we discovered Chinese beer drinkers have developed a deep interest and broad knowledge about craft beer. They developed a sense for beer and its ingredients  and are able to distinguish a bad brew from a good one, over the past years,” said Felix, an industrial engineer by education but now the general  manager of Brander Urstoff. 

The firm now supplies its products to over 250 restaurants, bars  and  hotels in 25 Chinese cities, thanks to the country’s growing number of craft beer drinkers.

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Ready for innovation - craft beer industry experts talk at CBCE

Chinese consumers are keen on trying new beers with various flavors and are interested to learn more about beer. That’s why the demand for craft beer has increased so rapidly in China over the last years.

Craft beer companies have strict principles: high-quality ingredients, outstanding recipes and disruptive, young design and branding. They are educating consumers towards beer and impart beer expertise for those who are interested in learning more about beer.

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