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Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH has been producing and marketing products from controlled organic agriculture for large organic brands and under its own "biozentrale" brand since 1976.

Today we are the market leader in numerous product ranges.

We believe in the power of nature - our products are full of original vitality. Bio-Zentrale is aware of nature’s special abilities. Not only do we pursue an approach of gentle cultivation; we also process all products with care. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are aware of the power of good ingredients and use this knowledge to create meaningful products. We learn something new from nature every day, developing new product concepts and improving existing ones.

Furthermore, we only use as much packaging as necessary and as little as possible, e.g. when using monofilms. What is more, we pay attention to ensure that our packaging is as environmentally-friendly as possible (tested by two German Institutes). Of course we are IFS certified.

Products and services

We, Bio-Zentrale, only have organic certified products in our assortment. Our wide range of more than 100 different food products covers Crunchy & Mixed Mueslis & Flakes (e.g. crunchy strawberry muesli, protein muesli), Bars (e.g. salty peanut caramel bar, fruit bars), Superfoods (e.g. goji berry), Baking Ingredients (e.g. flour), Sweeteners (e.g. maple syrup), Bread Spreads (e.g. peanut butter), Convenience & Canned Foods (e.g. vegetable hamburger, tomato sauce), Cereal Products, Pasta, Fine Food, Seasonings (e.g. vegetable and chicken stock), Oil (e.g. flax oil, omega-3 oil), Vinegar, Pulses (e.g. Chia Seeds), Oil Seeds, Sweet & Salty Snacks (e.g. rice cakes, corn cakes, tortilla chips), Dried Fruits (e.g. banana chips) and Nuts. This is companioned by a special line for kids: “Biokids” offers cocoa powder, tomato ketchup and different types of fruit puree drinks. Next to that, we also have several vegan (e.g. mayonnaise) and free-from products in our organic assortment.


Our three new muesli varieties, made from selected ingredients and with a robust, original taste, will help you with a healty, powerful and delicious start into the day.

You like your muesli mixed with red berries or do you prefer a vegan muesli mixture with dark chocolate cocoa nibs? Or how about getting lot's of protein supporting you the whole day? No matter what you are looking for, our new three muesli varieties will cover all your needs.

Like Rice

Our three new "Like Rice" varieties, made from selected ingredients and with a gentle, original taste, are something new to discover.

Have you ever been looking for a healthy option next to rice? We did so and therefore now are able to offer you three "Like Rice" products: green peas, red lentils and chickpeas which are all rich of high protein.


Pure Date Hazelnut Cocoa Bar:
Crispy, roasted cocoa nibs, hazelnut puree, cocoa and dates. Strong and chocolate-like flavour. Rich in fibre and no sugar added Peanut

Salty Caramel Bar:
Crunchy roasted peanut kernels and caramel with agave syrup and sea salt. Robust, nutty flavour and natural dietary-fibre content

Superfood Cranberry Coconut Bar: Crunchy roasted cashew kernels, fruity cranberries, and exotic coconut flakes. Distinct fruity taste with natural high-fibre and “superfood” chia seeds.

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Our three new bar varieties, made from selected ingredients and with a robust, original taste, are always handy and ready to snack on.

Pure Cocoa Bar Date Hazelnut
Our biozentrale pure date hazelnut cocoa bar is a real pleasure, and contains only four ingredients. Crispy, roasted cocoa nibs, hazelnut puree, cocoa and dates give our vegan bar a strong and chocolate-like flavour that is also very rich in fibre. And, by the way, we didn’t add any sugar.

Superfood Cranberry Coconut Bar
Our biozentrale superfood cranberry coconut bar is made of crunchy roasted cashew kernels, fruity cranberries, and exotic coconut flakes. It has a distinct fruity taste and accompanies you throughout the day with its natural, high-fibre content and chia seeds, well-known as a so-called superfood.

Peanut Salty Caramel Bar
Our biozentrale peanut salty caramel bar is made of crunchy roasted peanut kernels and has a harmoniously-balanced taste, with the sweetness of agave syrup on the one hand and sea salt on the other. With its robust, nutty flavour and natural dietary-fibre content, it accompanies you throughout the day.

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